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Editorial Services

Language is often viewed as a barrier to publication, but it doesn’t have to be! Nor is there anything to be ashamed of if you feel your writing would benefit from an editor's attention. Those of us who have been working in academia and as editors for a long time fully understand that writing skills have nothing to do with intelligence or the ability to do awesome academic work. Academic Relations is a judgment-free zone! I genuinely do not care how “bad” your English is (I promise it’s not as bad as you think)—in fact, “challenging” manuscripts are my favorite to work with.

i specialize in assisting authors for whom English is not a native language; however, I also have many clients who are native English speakers. As I always tell people, when I write something for publication, I also have an editor look over it, even though I am an editor myself. Why? Because we have a tendency to read what we *thought* we wrote when reviewing our own work. Annoying, but true…

Because different manuscripts will need different degrees of intervention, a comprehensive suite of English language editing services tailored specifically for academics is now available for purchase (see below). Please feel free to reach out by email to if you have any questions!

Standard Editing (~$0.04/word)

Standard editing is a comprehensive service designed to elevate the clarity and readability of your manuscript. Through thorough review and correction of grammar, punctuation, and style, this service ensures that your writing is polished and professional, adhering to established English rules. Ideal for well-organized texts. Standard is a good final review to refine language and presentation before submission or publication, enhancing your document's overall quality and impact.

Premium Editing (~$0.08/word)

Premium editing combines the benefits of standard and advanced editing, complemented by complimentary formatting. This service guarantees your manuscript meets the linguistic standards of academic texts & the required formatting guidelines. With premium editing, you receive a fully polished, submission-ready manuscript, ensuring your work stands out.

Formatting ($100)

Formatting services ensure your manuscript adheres to the precise guidelines of your chosen style guide or journal. This encompasses adjustments to text layout, font sizes, headings, pagination, and figure/table placement to meet publication standards. Proper formatting enhances paper readability , boosting the likelihood of acceptance.

Cover Letter ($50)

 This service ensures that your cover letter effectively introduces your manuscript, highlights its importance and relevance to the target publication, and addresses any specific submission criteria. A well-written cover letter can make a significant difference in capturing the editor's interest and increasing the chances of your manuscript being considered for publication. Make sure to add any relevant information that you want to share with your visitors.

Advanced Editing (~$0.06/word)

Advanced editing encompasses all the features of standard editing, plus the benefit of unlimited re-edits and free word count reduction. Tailored for authors anticipating multiple rounds of revisions based on feedback from peers or publishers, this option enables you to refine and revise your manuscript to meet the highest academic writing standards, without worrying about additional expenses. Ideal for achieving optimal quality and clarity in your document.

Developmental Editing (!$0.10/word)

Developmental editing is customized for authors seeking extensive support, especially newcomers to academic writing or users of AI writing tools such as ChatGPT or translation software. This service involves restructuring suggestions and a thorough commentary on organization, argumentation, and flow.

Reference Checking ($100)

Reference checking ensures that all citations and references in your manuscript are accurate and formatted correctly according to the specified  requirements & helps prevent issues related to misquotation or incorrect referencing. Detailed review of each citation within the text and the entries in the bibliography or reference list.

Detailed Commentary ($20)

Detailed editing commentary providing substantive feedback on the content of your manuscript, including suggestions for improving clarity, coherence, flow, and overall argument structure. Particularly useful for authors ordering the Standard or Advanced editing services seeking in-depth feedback to refine their ideas and arguments. If requested, this commentary can include suggestions for improving the strength of arguments in scientific research articles.

Quality Assurance

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I provide an English language editing certificate that will satisfy the requirements of major journals should a certificate be requested. In the event that a reviewer requests further editing of a manuscript edited by me, an additional edit will be provided free of charge.
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